Jan 2018

This mantra is a prayer to the divine feminine which is the ability to be receptive in the blessings that constantly present themselves to you and for you.

The consort of Shiva the Lord of destruction, is a reminder to rise from the suffering of your past and soften into the triumph now.

Sarva Mangala Mangalyei

Shive Sarvartha Sadikei

Sharanyei Trayambakei Gauri

Narayani Namostute

Mantra meaning

Oh Gauri Ma, consort of Lord Shiva

You who bestows auspiciousness in all,

And fulfill everyone’s wishes,

I prostrate myself before thee,

Take me under your care

The one who is the auspiciousness of all that is auspicious (sarvamangalamangalye)

Who is the means of accomplishing all desires (sarvrthasadhake)

Who is the refuge of all (saranye)

The three eyed one (tryambake)

The fair complexioned one (Gauri)

Salutations to you, Narayani (consort of Shri Narayana- Shri Lakshmi Devi- Who is the knower of all, who blesses devotee’s success in their efforts and who is the refuge of all).

Further deity info

The consort of Lord Shiva is Parvati and is worshipped as Shakti. The Puranic literature describes her as having many forms: Durga, Chandi, Kali and Uma.

Shiva symbolizes the cause of creation. Shakti symbolizes the material cause.

Oh, great feminine power which is the driving energy of Shiva, Narayana, whose very touch brings ecstasy, one who opens the eye of wisdom, bestow upon us the highest blessing.

Your past creates your now

As a child raised in addiction and alcoholism, I craved structure, stability, consistency and I had very little. It’s not that I wasn’t cared for, rather I was spoiled and had everything I needed physically. I had plenty of food to eat, received all the clothes I desired, or all the allowance I wanted. I also had lots of freedom. Friends could visit whenever. I didn’t have curfews or obligations. What lacked in my upbringing was quality time, words of affirmation, and a depth in connection or communication.

It doesn’t seem uncommon that the work I have been drawn to is to help balance that, that I felt like I was lacking in my past.

I know my story isn’t unique. I know everyone has their story in what they lacked growing up which created patterns of yearning or habitual action in their adult life. As an addict, I was constantly swinging from the highs of being high and the lows of coming down. Even when I wasn’t using my nervous system, hormones and mental/emotional states still swung up and down. Being ‘stable’, was not something I identified with ever…. Until now.

Your beliefs shape your reality

When you contemplate the way, you work in the world, or how you have acted and reacted in some of your life experiences, can you recognize some of your belief systems that have been controlling you?

My life experience that I can remember has been a struggle. Bad things seemed to constantly happen to me and I was a victim to them. Overtime after my heart had healed from the traumatic events in my youth, I understand why it happened and what I learned, but that took much reflection and healing. Being raised in so much drama, I would unconsciously create it, even when it wasn’t present. I would make things more dramatic than they needed to be. If life felt ordinary I would create unease through my complaining or my inability to let it go. I was addicted to the highs and the lows. That is really all I knew…. Until now.

I believed that life was a struggle and I had to struggle to survive.

Examine the piece of your life

If you were to create a pie chart of the most important elements in your life, how would you organize it?

Career- work- money

Love- relationships


Health-self care

Adventure- play

When I look back on my life at 35 years old, there was always a piece of the pie that was lacking something. I needed to be doing more in order to balance it, is what I thought.

I believed I was unworthy of being happy and that I couldn’t have all the pieces of my life pie to be balanced… Until now

Notice the drama

Have you heard the phrase no news is good news? Even when I say that it seems so boring. The routine of life, the same day to day seems so ordinary. Humans are creatures of habit and often choose to keep their lives exactly the same every day to prevent stress to occur in their normal daily activities. Why?

Life has so many unforeseen stresses and circumstances. It feels easier to keep the day to day normal. Then what happens when that becomes consistent? The mind will create some sort of drama. Your attention moves to the things you don’t like, it focuses on what you can’t let go, even though it’s happening. You keep thinking about what that person did and how terrible they are and how you are a victim just to bring some excitement to your everyday.

Let go of the pictures, accept what is

Can you admit to yourself that you may be the cause of your own suffering? When you focus on all the things that are wrong with you or your life? I have noticed that much of the drama I have created in my life is because I have these pictures I am projecting into my reality of what I ‘think’ needs to be happening right now. The reason things are not happening as you have imagined have a multitude of reasons. Can you let go of pictures of what you think you need or want to allow yourself to see that what is happening is a gift?

What to do instead

My father use to tell me don’t sweat the small stuff and everything is the small stuff. If you were to look back on your life a year or two from now would the drama you are creating in your reality matter then?

Focus on seeing the ordinary, balanced pie of your life as extraordinary. Reveal in the beauty of people and nature. Trust in Divine timing that life and source support your highest. Notice the synchronicity the web of relationship that is constantly being weaved. See the mundane routine of life as enough. Believe that you are worthy of happiness and everything you desire. Let go of the victim role and blame, the yogi is the path of the warrior. Notice how far you have come from where you have been. Take life day by day. See, feel and know that your life is a gift, just the way that it is. That every breath and everything that you do and that happens to you is a miracle. You are a blessing in the greater bounty of life. That you are magnificent. That your life is extraordinary. If you can’t say that over and over and believe it, then make some sort of change to live the life you desire, but let go of attachment to the results. Enjoy the middle path, the road of being neutral.