Focus of the month

From my Jivamukti background, there is a theme that is written every month and sent out to all the teachers to share and inspire for the month.

This really resonated with me as a student because it gave me something to focus on. A theme that I contemplated on my mat, and in my life. I enjoy this as a teacher because it gives me something to dive deep into. Not only in how I am going to present the material, but how I am going to apply these concepts into my life and teach from a place of lived experience or living yoga.

Although I do not teach jivamukti anymore, it has built a solid foundation for me as a teacher and I have continued the tradition of the focus of the month in my own teaching.

It gives me the opportunity to write, to expand my knowledge and practice what I preach for the month that I share these teachings with you, the students and dedicated yoga advocates.

I love that it breeds and feeds yoga community. So when we are not together practicing and breathing in class, the teachings are speaking to you in your life and we can allow the wisdom of yoga to reveal its blessings in our life. Our separate lives yet together in spirit and yoga.