Nov. 2018

Om Shree Maha Lakshmeiyei Swaha

Beautiful Goddess Lakshmi grant me both worldly and spiritual prosperity

Bija (Seed) Sound for Lakshmi


Use in Japa (Mantra) meditation with a mala (Buddist prayer beads)

Or chant contionously

May this mantra assist you in realizing when you are focusing on lack mentality and assist you in tapping into the abundance of life and what is.

Direct your Life

A thing intended; an aim or plan

A direction of your heart’s desire, your minds attention and the aim of your life. 

To consciously align to that, that is helpful and enlightening. 

Notice I didn’t say easy.

Through the conscious use of Intention, we can steer our life in the direction we want it to go, rather than where our habits tend to take us. 

Intention (Sankalpa) is defined as determination.  It takes lots of determination to consistently steer the aim of your life from a focus that begins within. 

Sankalpa is unique to Yoga Nidra meditation, compared to other forms of meditation.  We can use sankalpa in a relaxed body yet aware mind.  It can consciously target and affect shifts from the subtlest states of being.  We then reinforce these subtle shifts and deepen them through our choices and actions in the waking state.

Intention is the conscious placement of energy in the direction we want it to go.  We know samskaras are internal impressions left on the body/mind complex causing it to tend to act in certain ways, both helpful and unhelpful.  Unhelpful samskaras drive our tendencies toward limiting behaviors in a precognitive, reflexive manner.  Unless redirected, they become the default setting from which we live, steering our life and creating outcomes, or karma, we do not intend.

 Without direction, your life will continue to be driven by these same pre-programmed beliefs, behaviors and habits.  Whenever you perceive similar threats to your self-image, comfort or freedom, you reach into that storehouse of experiences and respond as though the current situation is the same as the past.  By believing it is the same, the outcome cannot be any other way.  Driven by the distorted perception of memories, you are perpetually trapped in the same responses to life.  You continue to be a victim of your own fears and attachments, glued to your self- image through your identification with your thoughts, emotions, opinions, beliefs, likes and dislikes. 

Yogi Desai from the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra

Intention Vs. Goal

A goal is a linear sort of focus that a has an expected result and therefore an attachment to that result.  Goals are part of the human experience.  Maybe necessary, they give the sense of illusion that we are moving forward into something.  Intention is a conscious placement of your aim, a path embodied by the soul.  The soul knows that there will be times when it feels as if we have fallen off the path and really, the falling off is the path itself.  That as souls we have no need to perfect.  Rather it is in the imperfections that we are learning and it’s not the result, rather that we keep directing our aim in the way of what is helpful. 

Types of Intention

Primary- a statement of who you are, whether as formless Source or as manifested embodiment of that Source.  It speaks to the fullness of who you are.  Think about some qualities that you embody as a whole person who lives their purpose and create your primary intention from that.  Your primary intention may not change very much in your life. 

Example: I am the silence behind all that moves through awareness.  I am a Healing Presence. 

Secondary- Is a path clearer, designed to remove whatever inhibits the realization of your primary intention.  These could be perceptions, ways of thinking, speaking or acting that keep us small.  It helps dislodge and redirect behaviors, it manages the areas of attitudes, habits and external stressors.  You may have few intentions happening at once in a 6-12-month period.  As a human on a path of transformation you will probably have many secondary intentions in your life. 


Thinking Pattern: Resentment, Helpless, Self- judgement

Intention: I release those I hold responsible for my happiness, I rest in the power that resides within me, I am at peace with myself as I am. 

Use this to write out some unhelpful patterns:

Thinking Patterns:


A secondary intention can address visible habits that are not serving you. 


Habit pattern: Burn out/ over giving, perfectionism

Intention: As I take care of my own needs, I take care of others, As I let myself be as I am, I let others be as they are.

 Habit pattern:




How to create an effective Intention

·      It resonates

·      It is in the Present

·      It is Positive

·      It is Concise

·      It is about you