April 2018

Y.S 4.5

pravritti bhedhe

prayojakam chittam

ekam anekesham

While the activities of the emergent mind fields may be diverse, the one mind is the director of the many.


It is part of the human language to claim I.  I states that something belongs to you, that that thing, it is part of you.  When you claim I your mind doesn’t know how to dis- identify with I or the object it is claiming, 

Humans Like to know.  You like to know I.  You like to own things and claim them as part of you.

Why?  It gives a sense of stability, a stability that is an illusion, it is not real.  Real meaning, it is impermanent and you cannot control it.  The stability that you crave cannot be given to you by owning anything.  This claiming of I is a form of avidya, one of the 5 kleshas or obstacles to achieving Yoga.  Avidya is an ignorance of oneself or a misknowing.  You also claim I am.  I am states that you know thyself.  When you claim, I am something you then decide, this it, this is how I am, not just now but forever. 

Why?  It seems more comforting to know I am, than to let I am reveal itself as it changes from moment to moment.  The only stability that I and I am have is that it is constantly changing.


In the English language, the word other is used often. Other people, others as in a group, other than or different than something or someone else.  Other declares separate and this is also an illusion, separation.  When you see the other in another it is because you see the conditions that make you different from me, her from him, plant from animal, etc.  This is necessary for survival.  Much like the ego, is necessary in the minds ability to discern, but not necessary for spiritual development or experiencing yoga. 

 Another translation of this sutra is-

Separation flows forth from the different minds, but from the One Mind of All, Oneness flows.

 What creates Separation?

When is it that you cannot see oneness?  When you can’t relate to someone?  Your opinion is different.  Your belief in something is so true, you think you are right and they are wrong.  Sound familiar?  This creates more tension in the world.  You can claim I am spiritual but how are you promoting separation?

 From Swami Vivekananda

“These different minds, which will act in these different bodies, are called made-minds, and the bodies made-bodies; that is, manufactured bodies and minds. Matter and mind are like two inexhaustible storehouses. When you have become a Yogi, you have learned the secret of their control. It was yours all the time, but you had forgotten it. When you become a Yogi, you recollect it. Then you can do anything with it, manipulate it any way you like. The material out of which that manufactured mind is created is the very same material which is used as the macrocosm. It is not that mind is one thing and matter another, but they are different existences of the same thing. Asmita, egoism, is the material, the fine state of existence out of which these made-minds and made-bodies of the Yogi will be manufactured. Therefore, when the Yogi has found the secret of these energies of nature he can manufacture any number of bodies, or minds, but they will all be manufactures out of the substance known as egoism.

Egoism is also one of the kleshas.

 When you feel the otherness in another

If we know this illusion of separation and we know we are spiritual beings that are eternal, why do we see otherness in another?  The variables are too many to consider.  When one is acting from their triggers from the past, or when one is acting, or reacting from their own insecurities.  When one of the others forgets that they are not I am, and all that is present is ego- asmita.  When we forget the real priorities of a spiritual life and we think, fame and gain are more important than oneness.  When we feel threatened by another.  You know what egos do?  They puff up, puffy egos.  They claim I am more than you; better, prettier, spiritual, smart.  Ego likes this, it creates individuality that’s it’s job. 

Be aware

Of how you create drama and conflict in your own life by not being honest, comfortable or upfront with another.  Yes, you may not be able to be completely, “real” because of professional relationships but in any moment in an interaction can you drop the illusion of separation and see that we, the other is energy, spirit, eternal like you.  You don’t have to like them to see this.  

My truth

I find that my ego wants to be the best in the room, the prettiest, the best yoga teacher and when I feel threatened or intimated with another being competition, I kill them with kindness.  Instead of being insecure I am compassionate.  Instead of being judgmental I become curious about them. 

I don’t have to like someone to see the union that is Yoga.  That we are energy vibrating at different frequencies.  Some frequencies may turn you off, you don’t resonate with them, but it just becomes a contemplation within yourself.  What are they bringing up for me, what are they triggering or mirroring? 

The Yogi takes responsibility

The yogi resists the urge to say, “well they are blank.”  Instead the yogi just observes.  In my observation, I can claim I am a pretty intuitive observer therefore I think I know or am better than someone else, therefore I claim I am more spiritual than another.  Guess what?  All spiritual people are doing it, which means we are all navigating form the ego which is not where yoga resides. 

Try it- all flows from the ONE

The one? 

In the 2 limb of the 8 limb path, one of the niyamas is Ishvara pranidhana.  It asks you to develop your personal name and form of God and surrender everything to that.  When you develop that relationship, you can understand how all flows from the one mind, all is alignment to the one.  When the ego drops, you can let the oneness move through you.  It’s all for the one, in alignment to the one. 

To see that everyone’s story, suffering and approach to life and dealing with their own shit is different than yours, but at the soul level, we are the same.  Can you relate to the person with empathy from that perception and see we are stronger as supporting each other and we are all in this together? 

 From Swami Rama

The one mind is the root of the many: The root aspect of mind that emerges from individuality or asmita is the core out of which there may emerge many clusters of mental identity. All of the mental constructs of who we think we are, are false identities that are secondary to that central mental identity.