Sept 2018

Y.S 2.45


Samadhi Siddhih 

Ishvara Pranidhana


Samadhi- deep absorption of meditation, the state of perfected concentration

What does Samadhi feel like for you?

Most often we become agitated by our powerlessness in circumstances.  

In the near projected future, 1 week to one month you may feel like you have a grasp of control on what you can make happen and what is going to happen.  

Often, we become so attached to pictures we project onto our actions.  It may be in the near future, Ex: the expectations you have on your performance in a project or how a date on a social outing is going to turn out.  

We project our expectations into the far-off future of of lives from not only from our desires but the accumulated desires of society, but cultural pressures, snd ancestral pressures.

 Experiential meditation:

Can you feel into what you want?

Not what society or your family expects of you. 

Not with the pressures of survival- money and home. 

Feel your form and use your senses to dissolve into the greater support of the universe.  Where heart merges into the ONE heart.  

Ask yourself what do you want? 

Now like a pebble in a pond let your energy ripple out but let go into what it should or could be.  

 Siddhih- attainment, mastery, accomplishment, perfection

What are ordinary human activities that when infused with consciousness become extraordinary?

Slowing down, listening, saying how you feel, communicating, looking honestly at your fears and flaws. 

Is also known as a supernatural power.  To consistently dissolve your expectations and surrender into the flow of what is happening not what you would like to happen is quite a feat.  To consistently learn how to calm your nervous system, accept your reactions and let go.  Always let go. 

A siddhih that is can ALWAYS be practiced is being present.  

 Experiential meditation:

Being present meditation when you find yourself reacting.  Acknowledge what you are feeling come back to sensation. 

Ask yourself where do I feel this?  What is the quality like?

Then notice deeper sensations to bring you back into the moment sounds, the air on your skin, any other sensation in your body.  Feel in the moment without trying to change anything. 

Ishvara- creative source, causal field, God, supreme Guru or teacher

 Meaning of Ishvara: 

In the Upanishads, the word Īśvara is used to denote a state of collective consciousness. Thus, God is not a being that sits on a high pedestal beyond the sun, moon, and stars; God is actually the state of Ultimate Reality. But due to the lack of direct experience, God has been personified and given various names and forms by religions throughout the ages. When one expands one's individual consciousness to the Universal Consciousness, it is called Self-realization, for the individual self has realized the unity of diversity, the very underlying principle, or Universal Self, beneath all forms and names. 

 Experiential meditation:

What is your relationship to a Higher power, energy source?

Does it have a name?

Does it have a feeling?

Do you have a teacher that represent this for you?

Can you trust in this fully?

Do you believe it supports you fully?

Can you let go of all of your pictures into the picture the ONE has for you?

When in doubt keep coming back to this meditation and rest in your heart until you get very clear insight and pure feeling of the ONE.  

Pranidhana- practicing the presence, dedication, devotion, surrender of fruits of practice

There is a constant letting go of how something happens, or when.  The way it is supposed to look or the path that it takes.

Does anyone want to show some pictures you have that are binding that you are setting free?

Me- family, career, timeline, money

Lastly illness, hard times, chronic pain and suffering, the “bad” things that happen you have to surrender your bitterness, your anger, once you have acknowledged it’s presence, remember impermanence.

Ishvara pranidhana brings samadhi

From an attitude of letting go, practicing the presence, dedication, or surrender into the creative source, causal field, God, supreme Guru or teacher, the state of perfected concentration is attained.