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  • 101 N Ulster Ct #101
  • Denver, CO 80230


We know that these components are part of life but how do we tap into the wisdom available around us and use it?  This class will focus on the Toaist practice of Qi gong where you will learn how to cleanse, activate and cultivate the vital life force energy that animates all things, through the powerful practice of the 3 treasures, practice will end with a meditation. 

In this workshop, you will:

·      Learn about the principles of Taoism

·      Learn the three energy centers in Chinese medicine

·      Learn the meaning of qi

·      Learn the different techniques to clear, cultivate and circulate energy

·      Learn how to feel your energy and the energy of life around you

No experience is necessary.  Come ready to receive, connect and transform.  Great for anyone ready to embody their own healing power and energy.