• Yoga Pod Lowry (map)
  • 101 N Ulster Ct
  • Denver, CO 80230


The center of your body is a storehouse of power; physically and energetically.  In order to discover the subtler aspects of your energy body you have to fine tune your awareness to the physical body.  To discover your center and learn to move from that place in your life can bring great empowerment.  


In this workshop, you will: 

·      Learn how to engage them in different techniques and asanas

·      Understand the role of the bandhas 

·      Feel the bandhas in asana practice 

·      Play with jumping forward and back in Surya A

·      How to play with “floating” in your jumping 

 No experience is necessary.  Come ready to receive, connect and transform.  Great for yoga teachers who want to help their students fly!