• Samadhi Yoga- Uptown (map)
  • 639 East 19th Avenue
  • Denver, CO, 80203
  • United States

3 workshop Inversion Immersion: Bold, Buoyant and Badass

All three workshops for $135! 


Early bird ends 11/1 $45

Learning how to bring the weight into your hands and move from your center in transitions can be empowering and liberating.  This workshop will explore fun and unique ways to enter and exit into your asana practice.  Great for teachers looking for some creative sequencing ideas.


In this workshop, you will:

·      Learn how to transition into and out of side plank

·      Learn how to use the tuck pike transition entry and exit transitions

·      Learn how to use a half tuck position for entry and exit transitions

·      Play in the middle of the room

·      Play with a partner

·      Learn eka pada kounidnyasa transitions

·      Learn chinstand transitions


No experience is necessary.  Come ready to receive, connect and transform.  Great for yoga teachers who want to fly!