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  • United States

Sat 4/13 1-3pm Learn to Levitate: Bandhas and Breath


The center of your body is a storehouse of power; physically and energetically.  In order to discover the subtler aspects of your energy body, you have to fine-tune your awareness of the physical body.  To discover your center and learn to move from that place in your life can bring great empowerment.  

In this workshop, you will: 

  • Learn the basic anatomy of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor

  • Learn how to engage them in different techniques and asanas

  • Understand the role of the bandhas 

  • Learn the grantihs

  • Understand the relationship of bandhas and breath

  • The practice of the bandhas in pranayama practice 

  •  Feel the bandhas in asana practice 

  •  Play with jumping forward and back in Surya

  • Play with jumping to seated and back into low push up 

  • How to play with “floating” in your jumping 

No experience is necessary.  Come ready to receive, connect and transform.  Great for yoga teachers who want to help their students fly!