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  • 750 Crystal Drive
  • Arlington, VA, 22202
  • United States

You can sign up here: https://www.mindyourbodyoasis.com/workshops 

An awakened or a noble heart is cultivated through a consistent practice of meditation.  These meditation techniques have roots in Tibetan Buddhism and will teach you how to live as a Boddisatva.  Boddisatvas are warriors that live practicing maitri, loving kindness.  

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the 6 points of posture

  • Learn sitting meditation techniques

  • Discuss the qualities of maitri

  • Discuss yoga sutra on maitri

  • Discuss the 4 Noble Truths

  • Learn the 4 reminders

  • Learn slogan meditation

  •  Learn maitri meditation 

  • Learn tongeln meditation 

No experience is necessary.  Come ready to receive, connect and transform.  Great for anyone ready implement a sustaining meditation practice and mindful living.