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Movements, Alignment, Verbal Cues, Sequencing, Progressing Postures, Weaving Themes, and doing all from an Authentic experience of Living Yoga.

6/5/19 Wed 6-9

6/6/19 Thur 6-9

6/7/19 Fri 9-6

6/8/19 Sat 9-6

6/9/19 Sun 9-6


Asana translates to seat.  Seat becomes a physical manifestation of all the seats that you take in life.  There are many masks and many roles humans take, for the sake of survival, some helpful and some, not so helpful for the development of a human existence.  The physical body being the most superficial layer or sheath (kosha), that covers the light of our soul, it becomes the vehicle to a greater knowledge of Self.  The foods that you take in become the nourishment of your foundational connection to this earth. It becomes your blood, muscle and bone. It becomes your house that stores your light, the vehicle for your soul to become liberated.   

This life is an opportunity to become completely embodied in form.  The spirit recognizes the body as a tool to realize, it is a vehicle to detach from it. 

Asana becomes a great tool to discover your physical potential.  How would you like your body to be?  Resilient, vibrant, adaptable, strong, courageous, graceful and receptive? 

Challenging your asana practice gives you the opportunity to walk up to the way you perceive yourself in a limited view and begin to move beyond what you believe is capable and what you believe is possible.  Asana often asks to believe in the impossible.  To start to walk up to your edges and create new relationships with your boundaries creates evolution.  To become aware of your fears and cultivate your ability to feel safe in the midst of discomfort, within or without. 

This module will deepen your asana practice with exploration of more advanced poses.  It will ask you to refine your ability to listen and move.  It will teach you how to teach others from a place of depth and refinement, from your own bodily experience.  It will ask you to intelligently think about how you sequence asanas, transitions postures, and how to progress postures and verbal cues.  Learn how to sequence in a fun, dynamic, progressive, safe way.  It will teach you how to create themes physically, and spiritually, coming from an authentic place of your own practice of living yoga.  It will help you structure a class and contain a sacred space. 

This module is for those that are ready to break through and help others do the same.