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  • 2745 Welton Street
  • Denver, CO, 80205
  • United States

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Brittany Belisle, Angie Zellers Stephens, and Soozie Kinstler at Urban Sanctuary
$2,600 Investment*

This summer, nourish your body and mind as you connect to a more grounded, powerful and joyful self!

Inspired by our Ashtanga and Jivamukti teachings, traditions and practices, we have created this 4-week immersion training to share the practices that have transformed our lives. 

This training is for anyone who is ready for a shift in their life! Yoga teachers, aspiring yoga teachers and dedicated yoga practitioners are all invited to join us as we root into the ancient yoga practices and philosophies to rise up to our most conscious and illuminated self!

This comprehensive yoga teacher training has a very unique, and fun filled schedule!  More details can be found at: www.SutraSeekers.com
Please message any questions: SutraSeekers@gmail.com

Wed July 24

915-1145pm Asana Lab 

Deepening forward folds 

1145-1215pm Qualities of teacher and student 

115-345pm Subtle body 1- bandhas, breath, Nadia, shakti and kundalini

345-5pm Floating forward and back 

Thur July 25 

915-1145pm Asana lab

Hip openers and backbends 

1145-1215pm how and when to give demonstrations 

115-345pm Assists 1- the principles of assists: standing poses twists, backbends

345-5pm Yoga Nidra with Intention

Thur Aug 4

115-345pm Asana lab 

Headstand variations, modifications and transitions

1145-1215pm Connecting with students 

115-415pm Assists 2- Surya A/B, hip openers, forward bends, inversions, shavasana

415-5pm Yoga Nidra stages of consciousness and the koshas

Wed August 7

915-1145pm Asana lab

Forearm balance and funky


1145-1215pm Q and A

115-415pm Theming with truth and integrity, advanced sequencing and cues

415-5pm Japa Mantra meditation