Soozie's interest for health and wellness began her senior year in high school, while living in Aurora Colorado. After completing a mind, body, health course at community college, she enrolling in massage school, graduating in 2001. Soozie spent much of her massage career working in deep tissue clinics as well as with corporate clients. Her speciality modalities include: ashiatsu, biodynamic craniosacral work, incorporating essential oils and or rocks/crystals. Her passion is in genuine connection and in healing others through her work.


Deep Tissue Massage

The intention of a deep tissue massage is to work out lactic acid build up in the muscles that manifest as knots, trigger points or tension. The pressure is medium to firm but, a deeper massage does not have to hurt! There is a way to pace the rate of strokes and pressure so the client can relax and breathe through the tension. A deeper massage can be full body but often it is more specific work, focusing on a specific area.



An American form of ‘walking on the back.’ It is a deep, luxurious, Swedish massage with lots of long flowing strokes and compression. The client is completely naked and professionally draped the whole time. Lotion is applied and the practitioner uses their feet to massage the clients posterior side, from feet to head. Note that Soozie does not practice this right now as she doesn’t have her bars up. Stay tuned.


Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy 

A technique that osteopaths use, craniosacral therapy can be thought of as a subtle form of chiropractic work. The touch is light and non-invasive. It feels like energy work but it works with every system of the body. The practitioner applies holds to specific areas of the anatomy and notices where the clients system has inertia. The work directly affects the central nervous system, which incorporates the brain and spinal cord, which also holds trauma. The work will influence the tissues, bones, joints, fluids, membranes and energy field. It is quiet, subtle, meditative and potent. The biodynamic form is less of manual manipulation and more about witnessing and allowing the client's system to unwind.



One Yoga 

8101 E Belleview Ave, Denver, CO 80237


Days and times available per client request.

Activa Chiropractic

950 S Cherry St #210, Denver, CO 80246


Days and times available per client request.


$85 for 60 mins

$115 for 90 mins

When purchasing packages there are discounts available



Soozie also practices out of her home in Aurora, CO

$70 for 60 mins

$100 for 90 mins

contact for details

Soozie also offers corporate chair massage.  

15 minutes for $22

30 minutes for $35