Soozie has been sharing the gifts of yoga since 2004. The discipline had a profound effect on her for living mindfully and being more conscious of thought, action, interaction, speech, and diet. She proclaims how yoga changed her life from destructive to productive and her approach to teaching is using the principles of yoga to live life awake and more present. Her influence has been in power, vinyasa and ashtanga, although she also teaches restorative and yin. Her classes are fun, challenging, creative, contemplative and accessible to all levels. Her compassionate, attentive, nurturing and inspiring nature keep her students curious to explore their own internal landscape and potential. Her mantra is yoga is living and she teaches her students how to do that through asana, pranayama, mantra and energy healing. She believes yoga is powerful through its ability to connect.


Why Jai yo flow


Jai is a Sanskrit word meaning victorious, victoriously uprising.  Uprising from the mundane, unconscious mind, and the material world.  Jai referring to urjayi breath which indicates a mastery and regulation of breath; therefore prana, body and mind.  Jai is an exclamation or celebration: Realization of the Divine Self and or God.  Jai is a call to the remembrance that all is to and for God, Love, Life, Universe, Spirit, and the Highest Self.


Yo is short for Yoga; the main avenue for healing in these teachings.  It is through the practices of Yoga that union, (one of the definitions of Yoga), can occur.  Union of what? Mind, body, breath and Spirit.  Individual to the Collective consciousness.  Internal to external environments.  Yoga is a discipline, a systematic method, a consistent practice, yet it is playful and fun when one uses the technique to then surpass the technique with detachment.  As a conscious hip hop lover, I see yo as a slang term just to lighten up the practice and keep it silly.  Jai yo!  Celebrate Union yo! 


Flow is embodying a state of being, rather than doing.  When one is emerged in an activity fully; thought and emotion dissolve and the flow state is activated, which is also called being in the zone.  This state can be compared to the seventh and eighth limbs of yoga.  The seventh dyana or meditation and the eighth samadhi or enlightenment.  The state of flow can bring a sense of joy or enjoyment in an activity.  Flow is also referring to the fluidity of life which one surrenders to, “go with the flow”.  Releasing the need to be in control or resist what life offers.  Flow is the practice of vinyasa yoga, (breath linked to movement).  Flow is also referring to the qi gong practice which is similar to flow yoga.  It moves energy, (Qi in Chinese medicine, in yoga it is Prana),  through the energy channels, (meridians in Chinese medicine, in yoga the nadis).  Enhancing healing at a deeper, more subtle level.